Leak detector

It is a professional product which enables quick and precise localization of leak in a gas installation...

Non-flammable Compresses air

We have developed a new formula of safe compressed air that is a non-flammable version...


About Us

AG Chemia company is present on the Polish market since 1989. More than 20 years of experience in aerosol industry allows to build stable and dynamically developing company.
The company is focused on aerosol filling service under the brand of a client. We also offer wet wipes, cleaning fluids in pump spray bottles, set of products in a blister pack, microfiber cloth and many more.

Why AG Chemia?

1. Many years of experience and very good knowledge of aerosol industry allow us to quick
reactions due to all changes and innovations.
2. All orders are realized in close cooperation with clients and in accordance with their needs.
3. All clients are allowed to use available storage space (1000 pallet places on a high storage rack)
4. Own chemical laboratory is accessible to clients.


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